Book Title: Titanic

Details: Author: McKeown, Arthur

Reading Age: 7 - 8

Publisher: Poolbeg Press Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781853715167

Number of pages: 48

Dimensions: 210mm

Retail Price: €6.99

  • €6.50

Book Details

From the Publisher
This is an accessible, child-centered story with a framework of solid, factual details about the ship and the greatest sea disaster of all time. Age 6-9.

Children's Literature
In Titanic, kids will learn about one of the most famous ships in history. They also will meet Mary, a young girl greatly excited about traveling to New York with her parents. And they will share in her sadness as her young dreams come to a terrible end when the ship crashes into an iceberg. Young readers will be able to follow along easily, as the words are simple and the language is straightforward. Although the story's end is a sad one, adults will be impressed with the compassionate way in which it is written and told."