Book Title: Bob's Best Ever Friend (Hardback)

Details: Author: Bartram, Simon

Suitable for ages: 4 - 5

Publisher: Templar

ISBN-13: 9781840113730

Number of pages: 30

Dimensions: 310cn

Retail Price: €12.49

  • €11.00

Book Details

Product Description
Signed copies of hardback available.

This fantastic follow-up to the Blue Peter Award-winning Man on the Moon features Simon Bartram’s inimitable artwork in a new adventure for our much-loved hero, Bob.
Bob is feeling glum; his friends Billy and Sam are off mending a puncture in Saturn’s ring and there are no space tourists to entertain. Bob needs a best friend to help with intergalactic missions and jigsaw puzzles. Going about his day, oblivious to the alien goings on, Bob doesn’t notice an extra-terrestrial dog who follows him around. The mono browed canine with eyes on stalks turns out to be this spaceman’s best friend!

“A book to savour again and again.”
Angels and Urchins

"The strong colours paint a detailed picture of life in Bob’s world and the pages reward close inspection. Bob, the Man on the Moon, has proved an endearing character and we feel for him when we find out how lonely he is." Carouse, June 2009"