Book Title: Let's Talk About Sex

Details: Author: Harris, Robie H.

Reading Age: 13 +

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781844281749

Number of pages: 89

Dimensions: 26

Retail Price: €12.49

  • €11.00

Book Details

Product Description
Open, thorough and reassuring, Let's Talk About Sex gives the facts - biological and psychological - about sex: from puberty and conception to birth control and AIDS, including sections on the body, families and babies, and sexual health. The book's serious and educational matter is presented in a very readable form, with amusing, but always accurate, cartoon illustrations.

About the Author
Robie H. Harris, an award-winning author of children's books, has been honoured with the Outstanding Educator Award from the National Family Planning and Reproductive Health Association. She lives in America.
Michael Emberley, an author and illustrator, is best known for his collaborations with author Robie H. Harris, including Happy Birth Day! and Hi New Baby! He now lives in Ireland"