Book Title: Cill Aodain and Nowhere Else

Details: Author: McDonagh, Terry

Reading Age: All Ages

Publisher: blaupause books


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Retail Price: €30.00

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Cill Aodáin & Nowhere Else a book or poetry by Terry McDonagh, illustrated by Sally McKenna.

Twenty-eight original poems by Terry McDonagh. Each poem is illustrated by artist Sally McKenna. The book costing €30 is a limited edition publication of 1,100 copies. Signed by the author.

Yeats said it is “always necessary to affirm and reaffirm that nationality is in the things that escape analysis.” In this personal journey away from and back, and away again and again, Terry McDonagh reaffirms things that escape our analysis in growing up, especially that extraordinary clasp on the psyche of birthplace and places where we have lived. His words will echo in some readers’ memories, or create images for others.

Sally McKenna hears in these lines echoes of youth and age; and responds here with images that carry through a lifetime; from brightly coloured celebrations to those delicate swirlings of the ash, thornbush and oak, from her abstract or surreal insights to the actuality of people on the land, within the landscape. All her pictures discover the poet’s place. Here, in conversing word and picture, is Cill Aodáin (Killedan) of the mind, Cill Aodáin of all our minds on this ancient island where our tribes blooded land and people for affirmation, for generation."