Book Title: The Midnight Horse (Usborne Sandy Lane Stables)

Details: Author: Bates, Michelle

Reading Age: 10 - 11

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd

ISBN-13: 9780746024867

Number of pages: 112

Dimensions: 19.3 x 13 x 1 cm

Retail Price: €6.24

  • €6.00

Book Details

From the Publisher
The fourth book in the Sandy Lane Stables series. Riding at the Hawthorn Horse Trails is all that Kate has dreamed of and this year she's in and has a real real chance of winning. It seems that nothing will distract Kate from her goal--until the mysterious midnight horse rides into her life.

Children's Literature
This is the fourth book in the 'Sandy Lane Stables' series. Kate is the youngest rider at the stables and she plans to prove herself at the Hawthorn Horse Trials. As a result of her hard work, she has been chosen to ride Sandy Lane's star horse, Feather, in the trials. Suddenly her dream of winning is challenged. A new horse and a new rider show up at the stables. The horse, called Midnight, is jet-black with a white star on his forehead. Kate is immediately taken by the horse, but she finds the new rider, Izzy, an abrasive, cold adversary. Izzy and Kate remain unfriendly competitors until they are thrown together in an emergency. Midnight has colic, a serious ailment for the horse, and they must care for her until the vet shows up. As they talk and become close, Kate finds out that Izzy has a secret. Izzy's standoffish attitude and fierce desire to win are the result of the secret she has tried to keep. Kate and Izzy become friends and work together at the trials to bring about the best results for everyone."