Book Title: The Legend of the Corrib King

Details: Author: McCaughren, Tom

Reading Age: 10 - 11

Publisher: Childrens Press

ISBN-13: 9780947962609

Number of pages: 106

Dimensions: 21 x 13.4 x 1 cm

Retail Price: €7.00

  • €6.00

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Wings that whistle, Legs that fly...So begins the mysterious invitation that Tasper, Cowlick and his sisters Rachel and Roisin get from Uncle Pakie, asking them to come to the Corrib at dapping time.

The kids are intrigued by the strange invitation and head off to the West of Ireland in search of some fun.

But when they get there, Uncle Pakie has disappeared, leaving behind him an even more mysterious poem...With their cousin Jamesie, a mine of local information, they set out in a horse-drawn caravan to explore the countryside and find the missing Pakie."