Book Title: Something Beginning with P Paperback

Details: Author: Cashman, Seamus

Reading Age: 7 - 8

Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781847170927

Number of pages: 160

Dimensions: 23.1 x 19.3 x 1.5 cm

Retail Price: €14.99

  • €14.00

Book Details

'a sumptuous collection of new work by Irish poets. Like all the best anthologies, it offers poems that extend one's definition of what the art can do, especially for children nine years old and upward. It is full of near-the-knuckle honesty, as in Rita Ann Higgins's poem about her father. Many of the poems, such as Michael Longley's 'Hallowe'en', mix the playful and the disturbing. Sydney Bernard Smith's 'The Day the Dalai Lama met the Pops' is pure genius, and cries out to be set to music and sung on Orange Day parades. This book should be in all schools where English (and Irish) is spoken. It is a place where poets and children meet, with no condescension from the former. Buy two copies -- one will be stolen.' -- Times Educational Supplement Times Educational Supplement 'This book is a great party and a parade of Irish poets and poems, lavishly illustrated on every page.' -- The School Librarian The School Librarian 'buy this book but don't just buy one copy; buy at least two: one to keep by you to dip in and out of and one to put away. It's sure to be a collector's item. And the better get another few in case anyone makes off with your other copies.' -- Inis Magazine Inis Magazine 'The numerous colourful illustrations are in themselves works of art and add magnificently to the words of the poems.' -- Tipperary Star 'More than 100 poets combine their talents to give us this exquisitely produced anthology, with dazzling illustrations by Corrina Askin and Alan Clarke: poems playful, poems profound.' -- The Irish Times The Irish Times 'The range of subjects covered is extraordinary and every age group, from young children to adolescents will find something to engage their minds.' -- Village Magazine Village Magazine ' this is a fantastic gift and one for keeps. It will be dipped into and enjoyed for many years to come. And don't be put off when it says it's for children: adults will love it too.' -- Sunday Business Post Sunday Business Post 'The poems are written for children, which suits all of us. Buy it for your favourite niece. Keep it for yourself.' -- Olivia O'Leary - The Irish Times The Irish Times 'A dream for parents hoping to inspire a love of poetry, and a book that will never be outgrown.' -- Sunday Independent The Sunday Independent 'The most marvellously produced piece of work I have seen in a long time. An investment -- a brilliant book' -- Robert Dunbar - Rattlebag 'a daring innovation by Ireland's top publisher of children's literature.' -- Irish Examiner The Irish Examiner 'If some word-gobbling wizard came and snatched all the poems out of this new anthology, if would still be a pleasure to browse through. Every page [is] a dramatic, often zany display of characters, creatures and tumbling objects, all in spectacular colours. This anthology sets no boundaries to where the imagination can go.' -- Gordon Snell - The Irish Times The Irish Times 'Top-class illustration and design complete a must-have package for every school, library and home.' -- Today with Pat Kenny 'It is a delight to dip into this anthology, as much for my own pleasure as when reading snippets aloud to the young fry, as it is full of fun, fantasy, mystery and mayhem, with some nonsense verse, and lots of unexpected slants on life.' -- Irish Examiner The Irish Examiner 'This unique volume of poetry provides an ideal opportunity for parents, teaches and librarians to inspire a love of poetry among children and indeed to enjoy the diverse variety themselves as well.' -- Clare Champion Clare Champion 'a superb anthology ... wide ranging collection ... a great deal of splendid poetry' -- School Librarian Magazine Listed in the 'Top ten essential books for every family' -- Sunday Business Post

Product Description
Now available in paperback for the first time - this spectacular and highly acclaimed collection of specially commissioned new poems for children is already an established bestseller. Featuring work by 103 leading Irish poets and stunning illustrations, this magnificent anthology is a book for the entire family to treasur"