Book Title: The Hidden Forest (Big Books)

Details: Author: Baker, J

Reading Age: 6 - 7

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781844285181

Number of pages: 40

Dimensions: 45.2 x 33.6 x 1.2 cm

Retail Price: €24.99

  • €22.50

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Recommended as part of the Building Bridges of Understanding for Infants to 2nd Class for introducing visualising.
Looking for his lost fish trap, Ben thinks he sees something dark moving under the water. Is it a creature or only his imagination? Diving into the sea with his friend Sophie, he is amazed to discover a wonderful hidden world - and the rich variety of creatures that live there.

'When you see kelp forest under the water and you're looking up, the sun is like the light of the sky: it penetrates the water's surface and shoots rays down as in a rainforest. The forest is very magical and mysterious, and fish appear at times, like birds flying through the trees.' Jennie Baker'"