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Number of pages: 72

Dimensions: 19.4 x 12.4 x 0.8 cm

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Reality Check Non-fiction for 10-14s, reading age 8
Fabulous true stories that are stranger than fiction!
Forgotten heroes, exciting adventures and fascinating facts - guaranteed appeal to reluctant readers - especially boys
Stylish, striking jackets and top-quality illustrations
From the Publisher
This book is suitable for reluctant readers of 8 to 16 with a reading age of 8
*It is printed on cream paper, which is proven to be more restful in the eye
*The font is specially designed to encourage a smooth and easy read
*There are frequent page breaks, short headed chapters and illustrations on almost every page
*A wide range of specialists, including children themselves, have read and commented on the book prior to publication

From Tutankhamun's tomb to the Curse of Superman - a fascinating and light-hearted look at how curses work and why people think they exist."