Book Title: Who's Laughing? (Hardback Lift the Flap))

Details: Author: Bedford, David

Suitable for ages: 2 - 4

Publisher: Little Hare

ISBN-13: 9781921049408

Number of pages: 16

Dimensions: 22.6 x 21.6 x 1.4 cm

Retail Price: €7.49

  • €7.00

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From the Publisher
Who's laughing? SQUAWK! SQUAWK! SQUAWK! SQUAWK! Lift the flap . . . parrot! Who's laughing? HEEE-HAWWW! HEEE-HAWWW! HEEE-HAWWW! Lift the flap . . . donkey! Poor Hippo is trying to sleep, but someone is making a terrible racket. Join grumpy Hippo as he trundles through the book to find out what everyone's laughing about-and what that cheeky monkey is up to!"

Accelerated Reader