Book Title: The Book of Curses (Forbidden Files)

Details: Author: Kostick, Conor

Reading Age: 9 - 10

Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781847170552

Number of pages: 80

Dimensions: 19 x 12.4 x 1 cm

Retail Price: €6.95

  • €6.50

Book Details

Product Description
Deep in the cellars of the O'Brien Press is a safe that contained stories too horrible to be read. But somebody has broken into that safe and the stories have been released. This is one of those Forbidden Files. Alex Zwick never does what he is told. So when he finds a magic book, he just can't stop making wishes - even after they go horribly wrong. Will the book outsmart Alex and his friend Emily? Will its chillingly evil laughter ring out yet again in triumph? Full of giant, venomous spiders, vengeful gnomes and themes from mythology, this is a scary but fun page-turner. Another creepy Forbidden File that should never have escaped - read only if you dare!
'A laugh-aloud romp' -- Irish Examiner The Irish Examiner 'The Book of Curses is about a book of spells that come true - but not always in the way the reader expects.' -- Books Ireland Books Ireland"