Book Title: Ice Man (Tom Crean)

Details: Author: Smith, Michael

Reading Age: 9 - 10

Publisher: The Collins Press

ISBN-13: 9781905172313

Number of pages: 127

Dimensions: 20.4 x 14.8 x 1.2 cm

Retail Price: €5.99

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Incredible children's story of danger, heroism, endurance and survival based on best-selling biography At the bottom of the world stands a dark mountain towering above the snow and ice of Antarctica. It is Mount Crean, a permanent memorial to Irishman Tom Crean. His amazing adventures in this most hostile region are among the greatest tales of hardship and survival. Antarctica is not for ordinary people but Tom was no ordinary man. His exploits began when he was fifteen, ran away from home and lied about his age to join the British navy. His next step into the unknown took him to the frozen wilderness where he spent more time than the famous Scott or Shackleton - and lived longer! Going to the Antarctic 100 years ago was like going to Jupiter or Mars today. Explorers were cut off from civilization for two to three years, no radio or telephone contact, 1000s of miles from the nearest outpost. Temperatures plunged way below zero, winds roared to 200 mph. It was a struggle to survive. But Tom was the iron man who overcame all the odds to travel on three Polar expeditions. He explored the unknown, crossed ice fields and wild oceans, courageously saved his friends from death and lived to tell the tale. Tom was an exceptional man for exceptional circumstances. Sir Edmund Hilary, the first person to climb Everest, said: His courage, his determination, his loyalty to his leaders and team impressed me. He was a great man.
An exciting story that's all the more powerful for being true. --Sunday Tribune

Fascinating true story of an Irish adventurer. --Books Ireland

An ideal book for children. --Inis"