Book Title: The Secret Friend (Panda and Gander)

Details: Author: Dunbar, Joyce

Suitable for ages: 4 - 5

Publisher: Walker Books Ltd

ISBN-13: 9780744563900

Number of pages: 24

Dimensions: 25.2 x 21.2 x 0.8 cm

Retail Price: €6.24

  • €6.00

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Product Description
Gander is writing a letter to his secret friend. At first, Panda helps him. But the more Gander writes, the less Panda likes it! Could it be that Panda is jealous?

'A sheer delight... Warm, funny and gently reassuring... An excellent series, sure to develop children's reading confidence while stimulating their love of books.' Anne Faundez, Reviews Editor, Child Education'

In the new Read Me/A Panda and Gander Story series, Gander decides to write a letter, and Panda can't help but notice the proceedings and inquire about them. Panda learns that Gander is writing to a 'secret' friend, and even as the bear urges the bird to be more loving in the way the letter is signed - suggesting the inclusion of three kisses and a big red heart - he stews over his own suddenly shaky friendship. When Gander wildly adds stickers and border art to the missive, Panda is quite taken aback, wondering who the secret friend is. Gander sends the letter off (in a slit in a shoebox) and when the letter 'arrives,' it is addressed, of course, to Panda. Dunbar (see review, above) is especially astute at picking up on the emotional nuances of how children interact. Younger listeners will understand better than he does Panda's drooping self-esteem and fear that a new friend has replaced him in Gander's eyes. Craig's illustrations are expressive - a dash of eyebrow communicates Panda's uncertainties - while backgrounds and a scattering of project paraphernalia (stickers, scissors, colored pencils) convey the child-size realm the two friends inhabit. (Kirkus Reviews)"