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'Dramatic events in Colombia begin this story that is full of adventure, horses and action. Strongly written, it is beautifully atmospheric.' -- Children's Book News Editor's Choice. 'This is a highly original novel with credible, interesting characters; no stereotypes, no cliche, just a good story. Pepe's adventure makes this story memorable, but the warm, less-than-perfect characters make it exceptional.' -- Paddy O'Doherty - Inis Magazine Inis Magazine 'a wonderful story. Aided by Kevin Kiely's evocative and telling description of life in a Columbian commune, and Pepe's first-person narrative, the reader is drawn into the story from the very first page.' -- Teresa Doran - Books Ireland Books Ireland

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In the commune at the edge of a forest in Colombia, life is blissful. Until the guerrillas come. Then Pepe must flee with his mother to the city, leaving behind his favourite horse, El Dorado. His future looks grim until his Irish grandparents offer him another chance. But can thirteen-year-old Pepe go all on his own to this strange, cold land, the birthplace of his father? And what future awaits him there? Will he ever have the chance to ride his beloved horses again?"