Book Title: My Nutty Neighbours

Details: Author: Mansfield, Creina

Reading Age: 10 - 11

Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd

ISBN-13: 9780862787882

Number of pages: 192

Dimensions: 19.6 x 12.6 x 1.8 cm

Retail Price: €7.95

  • €7.50

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Product Description
After the strange events of My Nasty Neighbours, David and his family have moved from the city to the country - much to his disgust! David says: I'm telling you, nothing is worse than living in the country. And I should know. You think when people say 'the back of beyond' it's just a joke, but it's really a warning: Don't live here if you want to have a life! The problem is, parents just don't listen. So here we are, the Stirling family, stuck in the wilds. No one is happy - plus, I'm pretty sure all country people are crazy. Could things get any worse?
'original and compulsive' -- Books Ireland Books Ireland 'Creina Mansfield successfully combines eccentric characters, laugh-out-loud humour and a sometimes serious storyline.' -- Inis Magazine Inis Magazine"