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This is a large edition of the story about Eddy and his teddy, Freddy. Eddy has lost Freddy in the wood and goes to look for him. The wood is dark and horrible and soon Eddy gets scared. Then Eddy meets a giant teddy bear. Out of the darkness appears a gigantic bear - clutching Freddy. 'A bear!' yells Eddy. 'A boy!' yells the bear. They both rush off as fast as they can in opposite directions, until they are back in their respective beds once more - each with his own teddy. Jex Alborough's other books include 'Cupboard Bear', 'Willoughby Wallaby', 'Beaky', 'Esther's Trunk', 'Cuddly Dudley' and 'It's the Bear!'. Review
This Big Book edition is perfect for sharing with groups of children.

An alluring, entertaining and clever story that any child will easily relate to, Where's My Teddy is the kind of book that children will want to read over and over again.

As Eddy begins his search for Freddy the Teddy, the tale subtly shifts from reality to an enchanting fantasy tightly packed with a wit and humour that will stay long in the memory. Bright, bold illustrations coupled with a simple, rhyming text that will withstand endless repetition, make this a sure-fire favourite for the little ones in your life. (Ages 18 months to 4 years) --Susan Harrison

A regular size edition is also available."