Book Title: Adam's Starling Class Pack 30 novels plus free teachers copy and worksheets €175

Details: Author: Perdue, Gillian

Reading Age: 8 - 9

Publisher: O'Brien Press Ltd


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Class pack of 30 copies plus a free teachers copy, downloadable worksheets available.
'Adam's Starling' tells the story of a nine year old boy who is finding life difficult. At home, no-one has any time for him. At school things are even worse - a gang of bullies has singled Adam out for punishment. Life is becoming increasingly difficult for Adam. But then a scruffy little starling comes into Adam's life. This is Adam's secret, his own special friend. But can Adam's defend his small friend against the bullies? Will he find the courage he has needed all along?

'This story has tremendous potential for classroom use. An extremely thought-provoking book that would be an easy read for most 9- to 11-year olds.' -- Janet McGonagle - Children's Books in Ireland Children's Books in Ireland 'What an impressive debut! ... This book convincingly captures life's hassles. Perdue is exceptionally good on Adam's various relationships ... (her) handling of the Adam/Grandad scenes are not only brilliant, they are also genuinely moving, and the starling plot is never allowed to become tweety-sweety. My nine-year-old thought it fantastic.' -- Niall MacMonagle - The Irish Times The Irish Times 'This book is touching and sometimes sad. It would be great for children aged 8 upward.' -- Teenage reviewer Catherine O'Mahony, iQ magazine 'This is a good story told with much lively dialogue and it will sustain children's interest through thirteen quite meaty chapters.' -- The School Librarian The School Librarian 'Sensitive study of a shy and insecure boy who, in the protection of something smaller and weaker than himself, manages to finally confront the boys that constantly pick on him at school.' -- Books Ireland Books Ireland 'Adam's Starling belongs on the shelf of any home with school-going children ... The bonding-with-animals theme makes this an appealing book, crashing through age and gender definitions in a warm-hearted way.' -- Evening Herald Evening Herald 'gentle novel which confronts a serious problem in a sensitive and honest way.' -- Bisto Award judges 'This is an intelligent, instructive book heavy with intent.' -- Eileen Battersby - The Irish Times The Irish Times 'Its sensitive, imaginative treatment of the now cliched theme of bullying makes it a great stocking-filler' -- The Sunday Independent The Sunday Independent"