Book Title: Run to Earth 2

Details: Author: McCaughren, Tom

Reading Age: 11 - 13

Publisher: Wolfhound Press

ISBN-13: 9780863279355

Number of pages: 167

Dimensions: 19.8

Retail Price: €7.00

  • €6.75

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Free at last after their long and dangerous journey, Black Tip, Vickey and the other foxes are looking forward to cubbling time. But in the Land of Sinna the fight for survival never ends, and now a new threat hangs over the valley.

From the author

Believe it or not it is now 27 years since the first fox book, Run With the Wind was published and yet, they are still going into new editions and new translations. The first three - RUN WITH THE WIND, RUN TO EARTH and RUN SWIFT RUN FREE - were translated into Japanese some years ago and are now in Korean. The first two were translated into Swedish and German and RUN WITH THE WIND also went into Latvian. Now comes the news that all six are going into Chinese next year! As well as foreign languages, the first three fox books are on tape/CD for the blind in Britain and in Braille in Ireland."