Book Title: At Home Together pack of 10 books ages 8 to 9 Third Class

Details: Author: Various

Reading Age: 8 - 9

Publisher: Various

ISBN-13: 9781400140003

Number of pages: 0


Retail Price: €90.00

  • €39.00

Book Details

We have put together a special age-graded pack of 10 books for At Home Together suitable for Third Class
In the spirit of the goodwill we are giving up to 50% discount on our book bundles.

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If you would like any change to our choices we are happy to offer you an alternative, ie if you already have one of the books, don't like subject matter.

As your child builds reading confidence and stamina the world opens up to them. Reading about different people, places, times and experiences expands their awareness and self-knowledge. Careful - you could have a reading addict on your hands!"