Book Title: Monster: The GONE series may be over, but it's not the end of the story

Details: Author: Grant, Michael

Reading Age: 18 +

Publisher: Electric Monkey

ISBN-13: 9781405284837

Number of pages: 464

Dimensions: 12.8 x 3 x 19.8 cm

Retail Price: €10.24

  • €9.50

Book Details

The GONE series may be over, but it's not the end of the story . . .


When the dome came down, they thought it was the end of the troubles. Truth is, it was just the beginning.

Shade Darby witnessed events that day, with devastating consequences, and vowed never to feel that powerless again. Now, four years later, she gets her hands on a part of the meteor that began it all - and that's when she changes.

Trouble is, Shade's not the only one mutating, and the authorities cannot allow these superpowers to go unchecked . . .

First of an explosive-áthree-book young adult series. Once again Michael Grant creates a compelling young cast of new characters for readers to love, hate and debate,-áas well as a-áhost of unimaginable creatures. This happily stands alone from the GONE series, while also featuring some fan-pleasing appearances from previous FAYZ inhabitants.

Michael Grant lives in San Francisco with his wife, Katherine Applegate, and has written over 150 books-á- with Katherine, as himself, under pseudonyms and as a ghostwriter. He is best know for the international multi-million-selling young adult six-book-áGONE series: GONE, HUNGER, LIES, PLAGUE, FEAR and LIGHT.

About the Author

Michael Grant is the evil genius of Young Adult Fiction. Among his biggest fans is Stephen King who called the Gone series ÔÇÿA driving, torrential narrative'.
Michael's life has been similarly driving and torrential. He's lived in almost 50 different homes in 14 US states, and moved in with his wife, Katherine Applegate, after knowing her less than 24 hours. Michael and Katherine were running their own cleaning business when they were working on their first book. Since trading in his marigolds, Michael has now written around 150 books (with Katherine, as himself, under pseudonyms and as a ghostwriter). He now lives in the San Francisco Bay area.
The Gone series has sold over a million copies in the UK alone, meaning that Michael has terrified a lot of people. Something he particularly likes to do. You can find him here and follow him on Twitter @MichaelGrantBks."