Book Title: Michael Mac Daibheid (Laochra) 4 Irish

Details: Author: O'Connor, Andrew

Reading Age: 7 - 8

Publisher: Poolbeg Press Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781781992432

Number of pages: 0


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Michael Davitt was born the son of poor farmers during the Great Famine. When his family were thrown out of their home by their landlord, to survive they had to travel to England to live, where young Michael suffered a terrible accident while working in a factory. Knowing that millions of other poor people were suffering like his family had, he battled to get an education that could help him fight for the rights of others.

When Michael grew up, he joined the Fenians who wanted Home Rule for Ireland which led him to being jailed for treason. But closest to Michael’s heart was the suffering of the peasant farmers in Ireland who were at the mercy of their bad landlords. When he was released from prison he came home to Ireland and started The Land League movement. Through peaceful protest, The Land League would change the lives of the Irish people forever and lead Michael to becoming a famous politician and a hero of Ireland."