Book Title: Cara The Wonder Dog A Book on how to Stop Bullying

Details: Author: Ruschin-Burke, S

Reading Age: 9 - 10

Publisher: None

ISBN-13: 99

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Dimensions: 198

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Book Details

For children aged 6-12.

Bullying is deeply troubling for everyone involved - parents, teachers, bystanders and of course the bullied child. Carl clearly says, "No, stop. I don't like that." That's good - but unfortunately often it's not enough. What can really stop bullying?

This book is offering coping strategies on how to deal with bullying for each of these groups. Most importantly, it reflects children's thoughts and fears around bullying, whether they are experiencing or witnessing it.

It gives specific examples of proactive engagement and highlights the different emotional facets. It playfully introduces the idea of how people project themselves on to others, which raises mindfulness and consciousness in children.

"Carl moped in the door from school, dragging his feet, head down and looking decidedly unhappy. "Hello, Carl. How was school today?" said Vicky (Carl's Mom). "Fine," Carl replied unconvincingly...."

Cara the Wonder Dog - A book on how to stop bullying"