Book Title: Gary

Details: Author: Rudge, Illustrator) Leila (Author

Suitable for ages: 4 - 5

Publisher: Walker Books

ISBN-13: 9781406368574

Number of pages: 32

Dimensions: 23 x 0.4 x 27 cm

Retail Price: €8.96

  • €8.50

Book Details

Gary, a grounded racing pigeon, dreams of exploring the world - until the day he falls into an adventure of his very own.

A story of perseverance and being comfortable in your own skin, perfect for anyone who has ever felt like the odd one out, this is the story one pigeon's big adventure. Most of the time, Gary is just like the other racing pigeons, eating and sleeping and dreaming of adventure. There's just one thing that separates him from the ordinary pigeons: he can't fly. When his friends set off in their travel basket, Gary expects to stay at home, organizing his scrapbook of travel mementos and imagining far-off places. But when he accidentally falls into the travel basket and ends up a very long way from home, he discovers that flying might not be the only way to have adventures...


Text and illustrations work together to create a meaningful story that's playful and fun...Thoughtful compositions keep eyes moving across spreads, offering readers the sensation of traveling. This convivial and gentle story about differences is a needed addition to collections about challenging the norm or upending physical expectations.
--Kirkus Reviews (starred review)
Gary proves a savvy and resourceful bird, and it's refreshing to see his character embrace adventure rather than simply wish for the ability to fly.
The artwork is endearing...Parents, teachers, and librarians will love the message that it's OK to be different. A solid choice for a storytime or one-on-one sharing.
--School Library Journal
This story passes with flying colors--a charmer through and through.

About the Author

Leila Rudge was born in England and grew up making mud pies with six siblings and Jeni from number 15. After completing an Illustration Degree at Bath Spa University, Leila headed to Australia to seek her fortune (and the sunshine). Her picture books include Mum Goes to Work, written by Libby Gleeson, and No Bears, written by Meg McKinlay, which was shortlisted for the 2012 CBCA Picture Book of the Year Award. Creating tiny characters for books is her favourite part of illustrating. Find Leila online at and on Instagram as @leilarudge."