Book Title: The Taken Foxcraft

Details: Author: Iserles, Inbali

Reading Age: 11 - 13

Publisher: Scholastic

ISBN-13: 9781407147123

Number of pages: 272

Dimensions: 40.4 x 1.8 x 20.1 cm

Retail Price: €7.68

  • €6.50

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Book Description
Full of heart, fantasy, and adventure, the FOXCRAFT trilogy follows Isla, a young fox whose world is shattered when her family suddenly vanishes. Isla must track them down, a search which will lead her to the Elders, a society of shape-shifting foxes, and to her own legacy as one of the world's most tormented creatures. The cold touch of humanity-known as the furless-is everywhere, with traps, dogs, and poisoned meats posing constant threats. Isla must outwit these perils with her flair for foxcraft: skills of cunning known only to foxes."