Book Title: 16 Dead Men: The Easter Rising Executions 1916

Details: Author: Ryan, Anne-Marie

Reading Age: 18 +

Publisher: The Mercier Press Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781781171349

Number of pages: 256

Dimensions: 12.4 x 2 x 19.6 cm

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The lives of all the executed leaders of the 1916 rising in one volume. Sixteen men were executed in the aftermath of the Easter Rising in Ireland, 1916: fifteen were shot and one was hanged. Their deaths changed the course of Irish history. But who were these leaders who set in motion events that would lead to the creation of an independent Ireland? Teachers, poets, trade unionists, a shopkeeper and a farmer, the executed leaders of the Easter Rising were a diverse group. This book contains fascinating accounts of the life stories of these men and recounts the events that brought each of them to rebellion in April 1916. All these stories are compiled for the first time in one volume, making it an ideal overview for the history enthusiast and a good introduction for the general reader."