Book Title: 100 Facts Mammals

Details: Author: Johnson, Jinny

Reading Age: 8 - 9

Publisher: Miles Kelly Publishing Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781842368800

Number of pages: 48

Dimensions: 23.1 x 29.7 x 0.7 cm

Retail Price: €8.68

  • €7.50

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Book Description
100 Facts Mammals is a wonderful illustrated children's book for 7-10 years. Discover which features set mammals apart from other animal groups, why they survive successfully across all habitats, and which are the smallest and largest mammals on Earth. Covering a wide range of topics from babies to food and homes to hunting techniques, exactly 100 numbered facts will challenge children, acting as an incentive as they make their way through the book. Packed with realistic artwork, and featuring fun panels containing activities, quizzes and cartoons, 100 Facts is the perfect introduction to this fascinating topic. Topics covered: Mammal groups, Big and small, Fast movers, Swimmers and divers, Fliers and gliders, Life in snow and ice, Creatures of the night, Busy builders, Family life, Desert dwellers, On the prowl, Fighting back, Deep in the jungle, Strange foods, Tool users, City creatures, Freshwater mammals, Plant-eaters, Digging deep, Mothers and babies."