Book Title: Team TSI, a collaborative approach to literacy learning. Manual

Details: Author: Love, Maire Dunne, Fiona

Reading Age: All Ages

Publisher: TeamTSI

ISBN-13: 9781782804604

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What is Team TSI?

Team Transactional Strategies Instruction (TSI) is an approach to literacy teaching and learning. Team TSI aims to provide a guide of how teachers can support pupils to independently apply comprehension strategies and develop skills such as, working in groups, developing vocabulary and giving effective feedback. Team TSI outlines how children can direct their own learning at their own pace, in a collaborative and inclusive way. See for more info

Is Team TSI for me?

Perhaps, you are teaching the reading comprehension strategies in your school and wondering what is the next step for your pupils? Maybe you are you keen to facilitate reading at an instructional level? Or would you like to give your pupils an opportunity to read differentiated novels in groups of three? If the answer is yes, then Team TSI is tailored for you!
Why TSI?

Because it works…

In TSI, children learn that what matters in successful learning is effort, persistence, having good strategies and access to help. Interest in and attitudes to reading improve. Children come to school already experienced in deep learning and natural inquiry. TSI encourages these attributes, both critical for future educational and life success."