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Number of pages: 30

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This is a wonderful, cumulative and very funny story of what happens to Nellie--a little girl with a very pretty nose who comes unstuck (or rather doesn't) when she sticks her finger up her nose and it won't come out. One by one the experts try to remove the offending digit and fail. Little brother Henry continually says he knows a way to solve the problem and is ignored until in desperation his helped is enlisted.

Tony Ross has a wonderful talent for these wonderful cautionary tales (I Want my Potty is one of the finest examples of this type of picture book) in which humour is a wonderful antidote for any perceived unpleasantness. Both parents and children will delight in the silliness of Nellie's predicament and Tony Ross' characteristically zany illustrations. (Ages 3 and over)

A Big Book edition is also available.

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Nellie has a stunningly pretty nose, but she just can't resist picking it. Eventually she goes too far, and her finger gets stuck! Everyone has a go at prising her finger out, but their efforts just make things worse."