Book Title: Roodica the Rude and the Famous Flea Trick

Details: Author: Ryan, Margaret

Reading Age: 7 - 8

Publisher: Catnip Publishing Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781846470721

Number of pages: 64

Dimensions: 13.2 x 20 cm

Retail Price: €6.40

Book Level: 4.1
AR Points: 1
Interest Level: LY

  • €5.00

Book Details

Long ago, when wolves and bears roamed the land and before underpants had been invented, the Romans conquered Britain. Romans 1 - Celts 0 The Romans built fine houses and straight roads, they encouraged the Celts to take baths. But. not everyone liked the Romans. Lots of people fought back. No one more stubbornly than Queen Goodica's youngest daughter Roodica the Rude! When rotten Fatius Guttus and his snotty son Copius Mucus steal a chair specially carved by her clever sister Woodica, Roodica is determined to get it back."