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GirlfriendZ's luck has finally run out. The girls are prisoners in a dreaded MIB Harmony camp. It is only a matter of time before they have their minds wiped. Then they will never be able to sing or play music again! Only Finn, their road manager, can save them. But one man on his own is no match for the might of MIB! Kelly, Yaz, Olivia, Eve and Charlotte are GirlfriendZ - the world's most popular band. But they live at a time when music is forbidden and sinister MIB agents hunt down singers and musicians and take them to 'Harmony' camps where they are 'mind wiped'. This process is like stealing a music lover's soul! The girls go on the run. They play secret gigs for their fans and are determined to keep music alive. They discover that they can use music as a weapon against the MIB agents in the same way that vampire hunters can use garlic and crosses against vampires. But staying one step ahead of the MIB agents on their trail is no easy task and if they fall into MIB's clutches the girls will be silenced forever! Then it will be the day that music dies. 'Flash Mob To Go' is one in a series of six books. This series is fast paced action for reluctant girl readers aged 8 - 12 years with reading age of 9 - 10 years.

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Roger Hurn is a storyteller and writer of books for children. His previous books for reluctant readers include Ransoms Spook Squad Series. A specialist in education, he has taught at all levels, been a consultant adviser to the Home Office, and a teacher trainer."