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PIG wants to be in the school football team, but there is one problem: he is rubbish at football. When the team goalie is injured (looking at the other school's cheerleaders whilst walking). Pig ends up in goal. Can he save the day?

From the Author
The book has an obviously boy friendly theme and targets reluctant and struggling readers. Pig manages to upset nearly everybody he speaks to and then loses his place in the team. He is about as miserable as Pig can be.

The language is accessible without being condescending and the story is fully illustrated with engaging characters. The storyline not only pulls at the heartstrings but also has the full length description of a football match. Perfect for developing boy readers, it also has plenty for the girls!

About the Author

Barbara Catchpole taught for over forty years before becoming a full time writer. Her interest in special needs education and disability issues was first sparked by her middle son, who was born profoundly deaf. Barbara has taught as a Special Needs Coordinator and has held leadership positions in several schools, including Academies. She has also worked as SENCo in a secure training centre. Barbara writes primarily for reluctant and struggling readers, with the aim of entertaining the reader and developing empathy for the characters. Pig is her finest example to date."