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Pig has a huge brown plastic dog poo. (Not one of those long ones that go dry. This one's a curly brown, wet-looking poo, with a little black plastic fly on it.) Pig thinks the poo talks to him (he doesn't think that really - he's not bonkers or anything). But he does miss his poo lots when he loses it - mainly because it reminds him of his dad.

From the Author
These books are written with intelligent reluctant readers in mind. Although they are boy friendly, they also contain the sort of relationship interest that engages girl readers. They are fast moving, funny and not at all condescending. There are loads of attractive illustrations. The author has tried to incorporate a very positive moral message (as much as you can in a book about a plastic poo). The central character Pig is a much loved boy who goes to a supportive school. Just as well - he is a one boy disaster area!

The author loved writing the Pig series and regards him to be a real person. She just hopes he makes you laugh as much as he made her laugh!

About the Author

Barbara Catchpole taught for over forty years before becoming a full time writer. Her interest in special needs education and disability issues was first sparked by her middle son, who was born profoundly deaf. Barbara has taught as a Special Needs Coordinator and has held leadership positions in several schools, including Academies. She has also worked as SENCo in a secure training centre. Barbara writes primarily for reluctant and struggling readers, with the aim of entertaining the reader and developing empathy for the characters. Pig is her finest example to date."