Book Title: A Handle on Homophones

Details: Author: Farrell, Genevieve

Reading Age: All Ages

Publisher: Original Writing

ISBN-13: 9781908282828

Number of pages: 196


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Product Description

A HANDLE ON HOMOPHONES is a language skills and literacy resource aimed at raising literacy standards among our schoolchildren (age range 8 -12 years) and is proving to be an ideal resource for teachers.

Accompanied by teachers notes, each commonly confused homophone group (eg, their, they're, there and to, two, too) is presented through a poem, which is followed by an explanation of the homophones and several stimulating pupil activities.
While the book is aimed at native and non-native pupils of 8-12 years in schools here in Ireland and abroad, NALA (National Adult Literacy Agency) in Dublin are also recommending it as a very useful resource to use with ESOL students and adults participating in adult literacy programmes. They have advised that "The publication looks great - very well written, thought out and presented!""