Book Title: Sink or Swim! (BFFS)

Details: Author: Robbins, Holly

Reading Age: 10 - 11

Publisher: Stripes Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781847152381

Number of pages: 192

Dimensions: 19.8 x 12.8 x 1.4 cm

Retail Price: €6.36

  • €6.00

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Product Description
It s the start of a new school year, but for Ellie Lovewood, it s also the start of a whole new school, too. Even though her BFF, Jasmine, is going to the same school she can t help worrying she s always been the quiet and shy one whereas Jasmine wouldn t look out of place on the stage! What if Jasmine finds some more exciting friends to hang out with? Argh! Life was so much easier at primary school! Now there are new lessons, new classmates and new boys to get to know ... not to mention the ton of homework that s suddenly landed in her lap and the endless new jokes about her surname! It s time to sink or swim!

About the Author
Holly Robbins lives in Suffolk and has been a keen horse rider since the age of eleven. She is a qualified riding instructor, and is currently training to be a social worker, as well as beginning her career as a writer."