Book Title: Ruadan, Riona and the Luadog Chalice: A Fictional Story Following the Adventure of Two Children Who Find a Magic Chalice

Details: Author: Griffin, Anne Marie

Reading Age: 9 - 10


ISBN-13: 9780956375933

Number of pages: 91


Retail Price: €6.99

  • €6.50

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A story of a long lost chalice, known as the Luadóg Chalice, captures the imagination of Grandad and his grandson Ruadán. Armed with a map, compass and his Grandad's journal - assisted by his sister Ríona, they find the missing chalice.
Their amazing, exciting, and sometimes terrifying adventure, starts in Galway and has them magically transported to distant lands following the path of the Volvo Ocean Race.
The secret of their safe return lies in protecting the precious chalice."