Book Title: The Castle of Creepiness! - A Measle Stubbs Adventure

Details: Author: Ogilvy, Ian

Reading Age: 11 - 13

Publisher: OUP Oxford

ISBN-13: 9780192729729

Number of pages: 384

Dimensions: 19.6 x 12.8 x 2.8 cm

Retail Price: €8.74

Book Level: 6.7
AR Points: 12
Interest Level: MY

  • €8.00

Book Details

Product Description
Measle's back on another rollercoaster of an adventure!

A small boy, an even smaller dog, and the biggest monster ever. . .

When Measle's mum is kidnapped by the terrifying Dragodon and his gang of weasly wrathmonks, it's up to Measle (with his trusty hound, Tinker), to save her. . . and save the day!
An action-packed adventure as full of thrills and spills as the best theme park - girl and boy readers everywhere will love Measle Stubbs!
The Measle series was launched to a fanfare of publicity in 2004 and has proved hugely popular.
Whole series now being reissued with lively and appealing new titles and covers.
The Funfair of Fear! is publishing alongside book one in the series, The Train Set of Terror! so fans aren't kept waiting for the next exciting instalment!
High-profile author - Ian Ogilvy is an actor best known for his title role in The Saint.
Quirky black and white illustrations throughout by popular artist Chris Mould bring the story vividly to life.
Will appeal to fans of Lemony Snicket, Roald Dahl, Philip Ardagh, and Eoin Colfer
[Praise for the previous edition]: The writing is perfectly pitched (Daily Express )

Book Description

Another adventure beckons for Measle Stubbs and his little dog Tinker"