Book Title: The Power of Coincidence: The Mysterious Role of Synchronicity in Shaping Our Lives

Details: Author: Joseph, Frank

Reading Age: 18 +

Publisher: Arcturus Publishing

ISBN-13: 9781848372245

Number of pages: 192

Dimensions: 22.9 x 15 x 2.3 cm

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Book Details

We have all experienced unexplainable occurrences - such as thinking about an old friend just before the phone rings and it happens to be that old friend.

Many people have had bizarre dreams which days or even years later seem to have been a premonition of actual events.

And there are meaningful coincidences or, in the parlance of Jung, synchronicities, that span generations - such as the fascinating parallels involving John F.

Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln.'The Power of Coincidence' reveals that such occurrences are not merely insignificant episodes of random chance, but are important pieces in the puzzle of our lives.

If we solve the riddle of these mysterious occurrences, their meanings can have a positive impact. Author Frank Joseph shows us how to recognize instances of meaningful coincidence and also provides a simple method for decoding them.

Including practical guidance as well as a wealth of examples from real-life stories, he explores the various dimensions of synchronicity - such as precognitive and shared dreams, numbers, telepathy, parallel lives and everyday coincidences.

'The Power of Coincidence' shows how synchronicity can become an important adjunct in our lives, a trans formative force for good with the potential to increase our understanding of our selves and the universe we inhabit.