Book Title: My First Signs: BSL

Details: Author: Kubler, Annie

Suitable for ages: 0 - 2

Publisher: Child's Play (International) Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781904550044

Number of pages: 12

Dimensions: 26.6 x 26.4 x 1 cm

Retail Price: €6.24

  • €6.00

Book Details

Signing guide to forty key words. Childlike lovable illustrated characters depict the signs throughout this large board book. A helpful description on hand shapes and movements accompanies each sign. (Under 5 Magazine 20041101)

When babies cry, you don't always know what they want ; but they may be able to tell you. Babies can co-ordinate their hand muscles long before they can speak and, if they learn simple signs, they';re able to convey their needs from as early as eight months. It's a system called;baby signing;, and it's been popular in the US for years. It can also help your child to speak earlier and use a larger vocabulary. And as it's based on British Sign Language, you're learning a lifelong skill. Parents and babies can learn at classes (visit or through books such as My First Signs, , a dictionary of simple words, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, one of four Sign & Sing-Along books by Annie Kubler. For more information visit . (SHE magazine 20041101)

My First Signs is the perfect answer. This is a beautifully illustrated dictionary of over 40 key signs to teach your baby. Not only does it clearly demonstrate the gestures but also uses adorable illustrations that are pleasant to look at. The book is a large glossy board format so ;s easy to prop up in front of you and your child. Each picture is accompanied by simple instructions on how to make the sign. The signs are based around British Sign Language as this is the standard sign language used by baby signers, it's important that baby signs can be understood by others. It is felt that children as young as eight months can be taught to sign and the book also suggests teaching a few signs to any additional carers that your child may come into contact with such as a childminder or babysitter, and even older siblings. At just 4.99 this book is not a huge investment and may avoid tempers fraying in those early years. (Harpenden and District NCT Newsletter 20040901)

If this book had been available when I looked into the issue [of baby signing] the first time, I would not have hesitated to buy it. I intend to try and use it for baby number two when I consider that he/she is old enough to be able to communicate using signs. The book is produced in a board format so there are no pages to rip. It is bright and colourful, perfect for sitting down and looking through with children. There are excellent illustrations of babies which clearly show them making the action of the sign, but there is also a small written description of the sign in case you are not 100% sure of the action being demonstrated. At the very bottom of the page there is one line which provides a handy hint for the parent, such as only introducing three or four signs to start with and which ones are likely to be most successful. There is no long spiel in it about the background of baby signing, which most of us would happily admit that we don't need to read. The book is really simple to use, just ten minutes of flicking through the book, reading the hints on starting to sign and then learning the first couple of signs yourself is all it takes. (Eastleigh & District NCT 20110324)

When asked to review a book about baby signing I was filled with trepidation! The usual textbooks (I use the term loosely) are quite uninspiring and mostly aimed at the parent or carer and not the child. On seeing ;My First Signs; I was pleasantly surprised, it is in colour (my previous experience of signing books being dreary and in black and white). It is illustrated with cartoon-like pictures that really appeal to children and adults alike. The little text there is explains how to perform the sign in an easy manner. The book is designed to be read with your child, not just as a reference. Emily and I had great fun looking at it together. I read out"