Book Title: Trouble at Rose Cottage

Details: Author: Bearn, Emily

Reading Age: 9 - 10

Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd

ISBN-13: 9781405256551

Number of pages: 240

Dimensions: 17.6 x 12 x 1.8 cm

Retail Price: €7.49

  • €7.00

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This title presents the daring adventures of two helpful mice. There are some new residents in Rose Cottage. Bits of cake have been eaten, homework has been sabotaged and the doll's house has been trashed. But who are these mysterious intruders? Tumtum and Nutmeg make it their mission to get to the bottom of these unwanted house guests and when they finally uncover the truth the Nutmouses are horrified by what they find..
'Bearn's style is as crisp and warm as a home-baked biscuit.' (The Times)'