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Kipper gets nits, whilst poor Floppy gets fleas! Product Description.

Kipper gets an itchy head - he has nits! Meanwhile, Floppy also feels itchy. The family realise he must have fleas... Read At Home is the best-selling home reading series designed for young, beginner readers.

It features all the popular Oxford Reading Tree characters in exciting stories written for parents to support their child's reading at home.

Read At Home First Experiences introduce young children to new situations and are ideal for parent and child to read together.

Read At Home First Experiences help parents to: BL Explore the wider world with their child BL Talk about shared feelings and emotions BL Build vocabulary through the fun activities RAH Level: Although these books have been created for parents to share with their child, they have been written to Level 4 of Read At Home.

Level 4 is for children Building Confidence in Reading - those children who can recognise 30-50 words by sight, can read harder sentences, with less support, and can use sounds to help make words.

The story is written with simple but more varied sentence structure and vocabulary with three to four sentences per page.

Highly successful, high profile author and illustrator team: BL Roderick Hunt, author of the original Oxford Reading Tree stories, and Annemarie Young, are superb storytellers with over 50 years educational experience between them.

BL Alex Brychta's humorous and detailed illustrations bring the stories alive and are known to and loved by millions of Oxford Reading Tree readers.