Book Title: Blood Fever (Young Bond)

Details: Author: Higson, Charlie

Reading Age: 11 - 13

Publisher: Puffin

ISBN-13: 9780141343389

Number of pages: 400


Retail Price: €10.13

  • €9.50

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Product Description
File Note: Strictly Confidential - Authorised Personnel Only. Subject: James Bond. Description: Age 13. Dark hair; blue eyes; tall for age; surprisingly strong; fluent French, good German.

Essential components: A Mediterranean mystery. One kidnapped girl - feisty, blond, superfit Amy Goodenough, sister of James' best friend Mark. One villainous pirate - Zoltan Magyr. Mysterious Latin-speaking men lurking near Eton.

One fast car. About the Author.

Charlie Higson is a well-known writer of screenplays and adult thriller novels. He's also a performer, co-creator of The Fast Show, and can currently be seen on BBC in Swiss Toni. Recently, people have begun to question whether this the whole truth - or whether, in fact, it's an elaborate cover for a far more dangerous, secret career. Silverfin was his first book for young readers."