Book Title: The Curse of the Poltergoose (Jiggy McCue)

Details: Author: Lawrence, Michael

Reading Age: 9 - 10

Publisher: Orchard

ISBN-13: 9781408304006

Number of pages: 176

Dimensions: 19.4 x 12.8 x 1.4 cm

Retail Price: €7.49

  • €7.00

Book Details

First review, Sheila Wood, 'Books for Students' July 1999
Michael Lawrence's The Poltergoose is wacky and streetwise without being threatening. When Jiggy McCue moves house strange things happen and, despite the scepticism of his friends Pete and Angie, they need to find out more - and that's when the trouble starts.

The humour, exposure of the peculiarities of grown-ups, and a ghost, give this book definite boy-appeal.

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Something's after Jiggy McCue! Something big and angry and invisible. Something which hisses and flaps and stabs his bum and generally tries to make his life a misery. Where did it come from? And, more importantly, will Jiggy and Co ever be able to make the poltergoose go away?