Book Title: Gordon Goes to Greenieland

Details: Author: Kelly, Morag

Reading Age: 7 - 8

Publisher: Greenieland Interactive Ltd

ISBN-13: 9780956737304

Number of pages: 36


Retail Price: €7.99

  • €7.50

Book Details

Product Description
Gordon is seven years old and loves to garden with his Grandad.

What will he do when Grandad is no longer with him? How will he mind Grandad's garden?

Join Gordon on his adventures in Greenieland, where he finds some of the answers, meets some new friends, and learns more than he ever expected!

Benefits for your child

‘Gordon Goes to Greenieland’ is a new children’s book promoting sustainability, ecology, friendship, fun and the natural cycles of life for children aged 5+. Children learn that if a tree is cut down then another native tree should be replanted in its place and that for something to grow, sometimes things must pass. A blend of fantasy and fact combine to provide simple yet powerful messages in this entertaining and educational book."