Book Title: Where The Wild Things Are

Details: Author: Sendak, Maurice

Suitable for ages: 4 - 5

Publisher: Red Fox

ISBN-13: 9780099408390

Number of pages: 48

Dimensions: 25.2 x 22.4 x 0.6 cm

Retail Price: €10.65

  • €9.50

Book Details

Product Description
Recommended as part of the Building Bridges progam for Infants to 2nd Class to support children's use of predicting.

One night Max puts on his wolf suit and makes mischief of one kind and another, so his mother calls him 'Wild Thing' and sends him to bed without his supper. That night a forest begins to grow in Max's room and an ocean rushes by with a boat to take Max to the place where the wild things are. Max tames the wild things and crowns himself as their king, and then the wild rumpus begins. But when Max has sent the monsters to bed, and everything is quiet, he starts to feel lonely and realises it is time to sail home to the place where someone loves him best of all.

'Simply the finest picture book ever - a perfect marriage of words and pictures. This book influenced every picture book that came after it and has never been bettered.' The Week
A visually stunning book about confronting your fears. Psychologies magazine
An almost-perfect picture book stuffed with mischief, magic and meaning. Junior
Has a haunting depth that makes bedtime reading thrilling, a little scary, but also empowering. Junior
It's a hilarious read that inspires children to play as imaginatively as Max, banished to his room, discovers a forest full of 'wild things' waiting to be explored. Pratical Parenting
Named by Jacqueline Wilson as her all-time favourite picture book to read aloud Guardian
Part of an acitivity on reading skills and new experiences Early Years Educator
Summer read INIS
The illustrations work brilliantly to bring the story to life and this is a great book to read with a younger child, or for an early reader to try on their own. Newbury Weekly News"