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About Us

Tara Book Company is an Independent Irish Company committed to fostering and encouraging a love of reading in children. Our in-depth knowledge of Irish books allows us to support and promote Irish authors and publishers, and of course we also offer a huge range of high-quality international literature.

Tara Book Company has been providing a service to teachers, parents and children in Primary schools throughout Ireland for more than a decade. From  class novels, library supplies, book fairs and author visits, to Building Bridges program, Aistear and teacher resources, Tara Book Company is a one stop shop for anything involving children’s books. Through our online age-graded website we make it easy to choose age-appropriate books for children. Teachers can order through our Schools Invoicing ‘buy now and pay later’ system.  Browse our  Picture Books, Big Books, Beginner Readers, Novels, Irish language, High Interest/Low Vocabulary, Audio Books, fiction and non-fiction and lots of other categories.

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Class Novels

Reading a class novel can be a wonderful experience for children. It allows a close, in-depth reading of a text under the guidance of the class teacher. While using  the class novel all pupils are at the same level, which is particularly encouraging for the weaker or reluctant reader.  In this digital age of instant entertainment the class novel helps the discipline of delayed gratification as readers wait for the story to unfold. Choosing the right novel can hook children into reading.

Which novel to pick?  See our extensive list of recommended class novels. You know your class: consider their reading ability, interests and favourite authors. Take into account aspects of curriculum, themes (different cultures, bullying, history), award winners, reviews and recommendations. Does the novel have teacher’s notes? Is it by an Irish author who is available to visit your school? 

We carry the full range of Read and Respond teacher’s guides, and, where free notes are available, we will forward them to you by email.

School Library and Class Supplies

School Library: We make it easy. We can put together a tailor-made pack suited to the specific needs of your school. We work with your budget, identify any gaps and choose a balanced list by class and genre. You may have a wish list, the children may have a favourite topic or author - we work with your requirements. We keep records of your purchases to avoid duplication on future orders.

Class Library: You may know what you want. If not let us put a pack together for you. We will select based on budget, ability and interests.

Book Fairs

Tara Book Fairs provide quality children’s literature, with a strong emphasis on Irish-published books, award winners, Irish language, non-fiction and lots more. The school receives a generous commission on sales. Call us on (091) 777005 for further information.


Author Visits

The Arts Council, through Poetry Ireland, grant aid part of the cost of an author visit to schools.

Here’s how it can work for your school. Visit for a full list of authors on the scheme. Make contact with the author you would like to visit your school and organize a date that suits.  Allow at least 4 weeks advance planning. Fill in the grant application form found online at Poetry Ireland and submit. The cost to the school is €100, payable to Poetry Ireland. Poetry Ireland pay a further €100 and travelling expenses, this is paid to the author after the visit. If you are not successful in your application you can talk to the author. They may agree to visit at a reduced fee or re-arrange a date in the future.

Building Bridges of Understanding

The hugely successful ‘Building Bridges’ program covers eight key comprehension strategies: prediction, visualisation, making connections, questioning, clarifying, determining importance, inferring and synthesising. With more than 120 books in the scheme, it can be difficult and very time consuming for a school to track down the books they want.

See link to page on website  


Tara Book Company offer a range of packs for schools to make it easy to choose the best fit.

Full Pack B  €1070        all available books 120+ ,   no duplications.

Half Pack A   €525        6 books from each strategy level, 72 books, no duplications

Qtr Pack  C    €275        3 books from each strategy level, 36 books, no duplications

You may wish to order individually, please email or phone us for an order form



As children learn many different things at the same time, the Aistear Framework uses four interconnected themes to describe the content of children's learning and development: Well-being, Identity and Belonging, Communicating, and Exploring and Thinking. By highlighting the critical role of play, relationships and language for young children's learning, Aistear provides a guide to using play, interactions, partnerships with parents, and assessment to help children progress in their learning and development. Please click here to see the list of books recommended for use in the Aistear program.


Teacher Resources

We carry the full range of Read and Respond teacher’s guides.

In addition, where free novel worksheets are available, we will forward them to you by email.